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Author: Jarett Kobek
Series: Success and Failure Series
Catalogue No: PA-006

Price: 18.95 USD
ISBN: 978-0985508500
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8″ x 6″
Pages: 54pp
Published: Sept 2012

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“…A sobering diagnosis of the collective state of the American mind.”



“It’s been my experience, and I’m not saying I’m smart, but I’m not stupid. Like I know Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He didn’t write the Constitution, that was a whole bunch of guys. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin. A whole bunch of cats, they were called the Founding Fathers. How bout that? And they wrote it where? Philadelphia. See, good for me… Know what I paid attention to in school? Whose tits were getting bigger.”

—”Tom Sizemore Delivers A Soliloquy While In Bed With A Prostitute”

In 1997, the world obtained a grainy video revealing lurid excerpts from honeymooners Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s post- wedding celebration aboard a small yacht. Laying bare the mysteries of their intimate lives, this video became the first spark in a long and culturally supported trend: the leaked celebrity home movie.

Aligning criminal histories with transcribed extracts from such broadcasts, If You Won’t Read Then Why Should I Write? documents the bathetic moments beyond a publicist’s protective shield, while offering a sobering appraisal of American social justice. Kimmy K at Burger King. The petit shamanism of Miley smoking salvia divinorum. Vince bouncing on a bed.

Literature… at its darkest.


Jarett Kobek is an author and essayist living in California.