Mick Farren_Road Movie
Love Dog 200

Doc took a hamster run on a wheel of paranoia. He was wide open, exposed on every side. His reputation was shit. If they wanted him for a patsy, fuck it, they only needed to send a goddamned meter maid. No need for an extended set-up or charade, Doc was a scapegoat for the asking. Fourteen Valium had finally put him to sleep, but then he was unable to wake from the nightmare. And it was some fucking nightmare. Usually Doc came out of bad dreams screaming, but in this one, he was screaming going in.

—Road Movie

Mick Farren’s writing is pointed, truthful, amazingly funny.

—Village View

Farren is a true creator.

—New Times

Farren’s fertile imagination has a snaggletoothed bite all if its own.


Farren has a crazy, old school outlaw energy that will not be denied.



MICK FARREN was an English author, poet, critic, musician, activist, and counter-culture icon. He fronted the anarchic pre-punk band The Deviants, and had written lyrics for Motorhead, Hawkwind, Brother Wayne Kramer, and the Pink Fairies. His twenty-two novels ranged from the psychedelic fantasy of The DNA Cowboys Trilogy, to the neo-gothic The Renquist Quartet and he had published more than a dozen non-fiction works on drugs, conspiracy theory, popular culture and Elvis Presley. His work with Penny-Ante included “I Studied the Low Snow,” a short story in Three, our third anthology (2009), and Road Movie, a limited edition novella written and published in 2012.

He passed away in London on July 27, 2013.